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Herbal Collective

Mar 17 2015 - 8:38am

I knew nettles were good for us, but really, how good? To find out, I was inspired to get a lab sample of one of Galiano’s most prominent forageable foods. I then compared the analysis against the nutrient values of kale, broccoli, lettuce, spinach and 2% milk (you’ll see why) and the results blew me away. The data on the foods below came from the USDA Nutrient Database and the Canadian Nutrient File.
Most surprising to me was that nettles have the highest calcium content of all these foods.

Food Calcium Value per 100g
Nettles, Blanched 481mg
Kale, Raw 150mg

Feb 12 2013 - 11:16am


The 6th Annual Galiano Nettlefest Community Potluck  will take place on March 30th.

Mar 14 2012 - 1:26pm
Food Program | Herbal Collective

The regular Herbal collective is always open to new members and is meeting on Friday, April 6th at 11:00am at Dora's House, 1480 Cottage Way

Feb 20 2012 - 10:29pm
Food Program | Herbal Collective

Dora kindly invites everyone interested in sharing knowledge about plants and their various uses to join these monthly discussions. She wishes to catalogue the resources available on the island in terms of locally-produced herbal medicines and to make these widely available to the residents of Galiano. Information-sharing is first on the agenda, and practical information about how to grow medicinal plants and craft your own tinctures, decoctions, unguents, salves, etc. will be generously shared.

Feb 20 2012 - 10:23pm
Food Program | Herbal Collective

Healing Foods and Herbal Collective - by James Beaufait
Our first meeting, 3 Mar 2010, was held at Dora FitzGerald’s house (1480 cottage way) where nearly twenty folks interested in all aspects of healing foods and herbs gathered.

Feb 20 2012 - 8:53pm
Herbal Collective

The 5th Annual Nettlefest Community Potluck will be happening on March 17th.

Feb 11 2012 - 9:05pm
Food Program | Herbal Collective

Next meeting Friday, March 2nd at 11am. Each one of our meetings is entirely unique and evolves out of the interests that people bring to it. Although topics and concerns vary, the underlying theme is always deepening our connection with nature.
We will be checking on the olive cuttings I started from the Olive branches I brought back from Tinos. – Dora FitzGerald