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The Community Greenhouse by Sharon Masui

The Community Greenhouse  by Sharon Masui

The cold and rainy spring in the unheated greenhouse thwarted our first attempts to grow transplantable vegetable and herbal seedlings in April and May. Undaunted, and with the help of Martine and Janice,we abandoned our miniature and unhealthy starts and planted Martine’s new seedlings. By mid June we were inundated with fresh herbs and furthermore, as of today we have harvested many varieties of tomatoes from Leo and Rosemarie’s starts, cucumbers from seeds , more herbs and are awaiting the ripening of seeded watermelon and cantaloupe.

Fall is approaching and we have planted a few starts that can be overwintered.Our small group of 4 is seeking an addition of 3 to 5 more people to help with planting, watering and tending to our nursery. ( A person with greenhouse growing experience would be heartily welcomed.)

At present, we are meeting on Wednesday mornings at 10 at the greenhouse which is located on the Galiano Community School grounds. Because the seniors’ soup garden and the school garden are in close proximity, we also interact with their activities. if you are curious, you are welcome to check us out!

The registration fee of $20 per season covers the cost of seeds and any miscellaneous gardening necessities. For further information, please contact the Food Program at or phone 250-539-2175, option 2.