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Welcome to Galiano Club website. Our current updates are below - please share with your friends! Program and project info is to your left. Contact and administrative info, top-right.

Galiano Island’s Best Nettle Dish: April 12th at the 8th Annual Nettlefest
Who will be crowned “Queen or King of Nettles” this year?
Join the “prickly” competition. Bring your favourite nettle dish.
No restrictions on type. A panel of judges will choose their favourite.
Judging begins at 5:30 pm – get your dish in before then.

Come together to celebrate the return of Spring as we gather as a community for the 8th annual Nettlefest Potluck. It’s all about gathering with friends and neighbours, sharing some wonderful food, and enjoying the entertainment of some amazingly-talented locals. Join us, and bring something to share with others.
(Kitchen volunteers needed. Join us in the afternoon to make the Nettle Soup and Nettle Bread for the evening potluck.)

Soup is sometimes more than soup. It's sustenance, comfort, a lifesaver, and a social glue. The community-building-fundraising movement of the same name in Chicago inspires our “Soup & Bread” Lunch.
Lunch is on March 9th and 23rd at the South Hall. Lunch will be open to everyone from 12:30pm till 1:30pm.
This event is a fundraiser for the Food Program’s Soup for Seniors Project
There is a suggested donation of $5-$10

Cooking for the days lunch starts at 10am. Help to prepare the soup for lunch and meals for the seniors is always appreciated. We always need new volunteers and there are all kinds of jobs that need doing.
RSVP's help me figure out how many people will be in the kitchen.

“If I told you that there was a fantastically tasty, nutritious and absolutely free foodstuff growing probably meters, and certainly no more than five minutes' walk, from where you now sit, would I pique your interest? If I said it was easy to cook and very versatile, might I be whetting your appetite? And if I mentioned that it beats both spinach and broccoli for vitamins, minerals and protein, would that seal the deal? I am talking about nettles, nature's well-armoured and plentiful offering at this otherwise rather sparse time of year. Sting-y as they are, these plants are a magical gift to anyone who favours cooking with local, seasonal, fresh ingredients.” –Alison Colwell
The flavour of nettles is irrefutably "green", somewhere between spinach, cabbage and broccoli, with a unique hint of pepperiness, a sort of slight, earthy tingle in the mouth. If you like your greens, you'll like nettles.
Learn how to make a variety of delicious nettle dishes and how to remove the sting so that you can take advantage of all of nettle’s incredible health benefits. This hands-on class includes cooking demonstrations and is suitable for all levels of cooking skills. It’s a prime opportunity for those looking to develop their skills and incorporate wild foods into their diet. We will create a delicious meal to share around a communal table at the end of the evening. This is a chance to bring questions, and get ideas for your entry into the Nettle Dish Competition at the Potluck.

Registration includes all ingredients for a meal we prepare in class, plus a copy of Alison’s Nettle Cookbook. Please register at Sliding scale $15-$25. South Galiano Community Hall

Meet at the South Galiano Community Hall to carpool
Free, open to everyone, kids welcome. Please bring baskets, clippers/scissors and GLOVES.

Meet at Alistair Ross trailhead parking lot
Bring your gloves and baskets and learn about foraging in our local forests. We’ll walk through Galiano’s wild places and talk about nettles and other edible wild greens, how and when to pick them for a sustainable harvest, where they grow, and their roles in our local ecosystems. We’ll also learn about their nutritional and health-giving properties, and how best to preserve them. Join in afterwards for the Community Nettle Harvesting.
Sliding scale $5-$10. Please register at

I have the Blue penicillin mold strain for blue-veined cheese.
Check out David's section on Blue cheese at:
Sliding Scale $15-$20
You must RSVP as I must limit the number,

Do not pass Go – Come straight to the South Hall for an evening of games with your friends and neighbours!

Bring your favourite board game to share with others. (No e-games please.) There might be Scrabble, Apples to Apples, Cards, Chess, Game of Life, Othello, Trivia, Crib and more…

There’s “Free Parking” - Come and go as you please – there will be lots of snacks and a simple supper. Everyone is welcome!

The price is right! $5 admission, or $10 for a family. Volunteers needed.

The Galiano Club Community Food Program is offering Food Safe Level 1 on island. The course will take place April 18th at the South Community Hall. The class runs from 9am to 4pm. The cost of the course is $75, which includes the workbook and certificate upon completion.

There are 25 spots available in this on-island class. Contact Alison at: to register.

This is a great opportunity to get your Food Safe certification on island (saving ferry costs.) The Galiano Chamber of Commerce has offered 10 subsidies to any employee of Chamber businesses or island student. The Food Program will subsidize 5 spots for kitchen volunteers.

Foodsafe Level 1 is designed for people working on the front lines of the food service industry, from dishwashers to servers, bussers to line cooks and chefs. The course covers safe food handling, Hygiene, sanitation and work safety. In level 1 you'll learn how to prevent foodborne illness, receive and store food, prepare and serve food safely, and clean and sanitize.

All food vendors at the Galiano Saturday Market are required to have their Food Safe certificates.