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Welcome to Galiano Club website. Our current updates are below - please share with your friends! Program and project info is to your left. Contact and administrative info, top-right.

The Annual Kid's Candlelight lantern parade (led by our very own Jack Garton) marks the beginning of the Solstice Potluck. There will be a lantern making workshop on Sunday December 6th and 13th at the Activity Centre from 11am to 12:30pm, for all kids that haven't made their lanterns yet.

Please bring a large glass jar (1L canning jar is perfect). There is no charge for the workshop.

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Be sure to save December 21st for the Annual Winter Solstice Pot Luck Dinner.

The doors will open at 5:00 with the Children's Lantern Parade leaving GIRR at 5:30. Dinner will start at 6:00 with entertainment after.
The bonfire will be started at 5:00, and there will also be soup available outside, for those that want to enjoy the fire (and not face the crowds!)
This is a wonderful winter season event you won't want to miss. If you would like to volunteer (there are lots of opportunities for this) contact us at

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The next meeting of the Fabulous Cheese Club is 1pm -3:30pm on Saturday November 22.
We are going to try to make a Brie.

Please bring in a couple of yogurt containers (or any other genius finds) to make the molds.
And please RSVP so I know how much milk to buy.

Check out David's instructions at:

Kitchen starts at 10am. If you can come help prepare the soup for lunch and meals for the seniors - that would be appreciated.
RSVP's help me figure out how many people will be in the kitchen.
We are a busy, fun group of people in the kitchen, and always looking for new volunteers.

Come join us for lunch on Monday November 24th from 12:00pm until 1:30pm at the South Hall. Everyone welcome!!
There is a suggested donation of $5-$10 for lunch.
Seniors are welcome to come to the lunch and pick up frozen soup and meals as well.

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