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Welcome to Galiano Club website. Our current updates are below - please share with your friends! Program and project info is to your left. Contact and administrative info, top-right.

In the words of one student: “Applefest is the best day EVER!” This year’s fun-filled, educational event will be held Wednesday, October 22nd, from 1-3pm at the Galiano Community School.
We are looking for donations of apple varieties for tastings. If you can spare a few apples for some tastings, or are able to volunteer your time to help us set up and run the activity stations, please contact Colleen at
Thank you and we hope you can help support this special event for the kids.

Our next cheese making Adventure will be on Friday October 24th for - Mozzarella!! See you all at 7pm.

Here's the link to David's 30 minute mozza recipe:

The Cheese Club is an informal group of cheese enthusiasts and is open to anyone - But you MUST RSVP if you want to come so that I have enough supplies for everyone.